Butter Chicken Company Opens Downtown on Monday

The Butter Chicken Company will open downtown on Monday.  The fast casual restaurant – from the owner of Bombay Street Food in Columbia Heights and Barracks Row, will open daily for lunch and serve 300 bowls of its signature dish – then close for the remainder of the day.  The new site at 818 18th Street sits directly between the Farragut West Metro entrance at International Square, and the World Bank, and the owners hope to attract enough business from the international crowd to sell out quickly and close for the evening – “good for business and good for the quality of life of the employees” said its owner Asad Sheikh.  The signature dish from New Delhi, where Sheikh hails from, will be the main course, with a choice of sides that will offer variety in the level of spice.  “It will be the only concept of its kind in DC” said Ken Johnson of Blake Dickson, who represented Butter Chicken Company.